Parents' Speak

  • Parents: Maria Diaz Alberstad and David Diaz Alberstad

    Child Development: It is visible in Mahima. Now, she gets ready with joy for going to school. Earlier, she used to cry a lot. Now, she is able to count and say few words in English.
    About School: We are happy to see Mahima happy enjoying doing her home work. We are thankful to her teacher and helpers for the time and patience they give to our child.

    Parents: Nidhi Rai and Chitiz Rai

    Child Development: My child has shown a very positive development after admitting to this school. She has shown a very keen interest in her studies and other activities at school. She has started sharing things and talks to her friends. Shows very humble and respectful behaviour towards elders and specially her parents. She is very particular about her things. Whatever new things she learns in her class she shares it with us. Every morning she is very excited in going to the school, never makes a scene. I am happy to see my little girl growing and gaining some maturity and knowledge with the help of the school and especially her loving teacher.

    About School: Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for opening such a wonderful school at Metro City campus. We are so happy and satisfied with the school. I am so relieved that my daughter is studying here. The way you all are handling the kids, teaching them whether of studies, activities or other misc things. They are learning so beautifully that even we are getting educated with them. The effort you are putting with every child is simply remarkable. The school is so parent friendly that we never hesitate in asking questions about anything. All the teachers and especially principal ma’am, are so soft spoken and caring that we really love to talk to them. The activities and facilities you all are providing at the school are so thoughtful and improve the quality of the child. Every day they are learning something new which is really good for their development. We are so happy that our daughter is studying at your school.
    Thank You and All the Best!

    Parents: Umayal Manikandan and Manikandan L.

    Child Development:
    • Socialisation and Communication: Nethra has made new friends at school and has also started to understand and speak a new language- Hindi.
    • Fine Motor Skills Development: Art and Craft activities always entertain and motivate her to attain perfection. She likes to draw and colour.
    • Physical Activity: She does not like to participate much in physical activity but thanks to Nida Ma’am and team for their constant encouragement to participate.
    • Group Activity: She enjoys rhyme time, dance and other group activities at school.

    About School:
    The highest return of investment in education is during the early years (1 to 5 years). Thank God! Nethra is blessed with a wonderful schooling and very good educators at Metro Kids World. Fun filled activities and teaching in school motivates and encourages the little minds to think out of the box. Sharing of wonderful pictures through whats app and PTMs at appropriate intervals is commendable.

    Parents: Maria Diaz Alberstad and David Diaz Alberstad

    Child Development:
    Abhishek has improved a lot his knowledge. Still needs to work his confidence to be able to speak in English.

    About School:
    We are happy with the school and the way they are caring for our child. Also, we thank his teacher for giving special attention for his development.

    Parent: Neelam Raina

    First of all congratulations to all the teachers, staff and principal ma’m for completing successful one year of Metro Kids World.
    I am mother of Akshat Aditya , a super charged, highly energetic , always smiling, question box, smarty boy. Handling Akshat is like landing on MARS – very tough and tiresome. Being a working women and mother of two kids, I have to put extra effort and squeeze time from my schedule to increase my level of understanding and patience with my kids. But after sending Akshat to Metro Kids World, all my anxiety and problems were sorted out as here he was getting world class grooming and best ambience to study.
    Here, I saw the real change in him. Earlier Akshat was uncontrollable, unmanageable and very loud in his behavior. Now thanks to Nida ma’m and all the learned staff, he became a composed and a very obedient boy. His way of articulative talking and expressions bring tears of joy in my eyes. I feel so proud and full of gratitude for him. Even my in-laws can feel the differential change of nasty behavior of Akshat to a cool headed composed boy.
    Here in MKW, all the teachers, maids and principal mam are very particular and vigilant towards our kid’s all round growth and multidimensional development. Each and every aspect viz cleanliness, language, comprehensive writing, sports , activities ,ambience is well taken care of in MKW.
    I am very thankful to all the mentors of MKW who are transforming and nurturing my little one with best care and love to face his little dreams and challenges in life.

    Parent: Sonal Khare

    Development of Child:

    My son Soham was at MKW for short span of time (6 months) due to our long term plans of settling at abroad. But in those six months, Soham’s development was rapid and extremely constructive. Coming from Australia, language was one of the biggest barrier for him. Though he was 3 years old when he joined MKW but he had never been to a school. So finally on 25th of April 2016, he joined school and onthe very first day I could see him settling with teachers and support staff.
    If I have to list tangible changes then they will be his language and vocabulary which improved by heaps and bounds. Also, he started writing and recognising words like his name etc.. He has developed numerous soft skills like team work, stage performance, recitals and general awareness about his surroundings through careful planned and crafted activities by his teachers like enacting like a domestic and wild animals or color and season specific days, they all contributed in developing awareness in him. Also, by performing in Ramayana and all the national festivals he learnt about history and culture of our country.He also developed some beautiful friendships and had a blast at MKW. In all those six months he woke up every morning due to MKW and hated weekends. He loved MKW so much and I can surely say that in six months he has become more disciplined, confident and knowledgeable child.
    Special thanks to Nida ma’am for being first teacher of my son and grooming him so well.

    About School:

    “Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.”
    John W. Gardner

    Above statement stands true for METRO KIDS WORLD, without exaggerating MKW is the best school present in Lucknow in its group category. I have selected this school after visiting 11 schools including big and famous branded schools. First thing which attracts us was its infrastructure, big spacious, well ventilated and stimulating rooms which are instant hit in kids. Also, the outdoor and indoor play areas are so safe and well managed. Special mention for the principal, teachers and support staff as they work as a family and actually keep child safe and secure which is a biggest relief for a parent. They also encourage parents participation though monthly PTMs and cultural events/festivals organised and celebrated at school premises.One thing which is very special about school is that from principal to teachers everybody is approachable and easy to talk to. I give all stars to MKW and it is highly recommended in its age specific group.

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