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    Picture of Mtero Kids World principal at her office.Being a parent is a blessing of life and seeing your child grow, learn and become a confident individual is a greater blessing. Indeed, the child’s first exploring experience of the ‘outside world’ is fundamental in shaping their perception of the world. Hence, your responsibility as parents to choose the right pre-school is enormous. 

    A child’s pre-school years are the most memorable ones, both for the child as well as the parent. As Maria Montessori rightly said, “the greatness of human personality begins within the hour of birth”.  

    With the rise of the modern education system, knowledge is now being imparted for achieving success in all fields. Newer methodologies, techniques and innovations in education have replaced the old, dull and mundane style of teaching. Education has become a continuously evolving process and at Metro Kids World, we continuously strive to innovate and nurture the young minds in our care.

    We very tenderly and carefully touch the lives of the tiny tots to bring about a noticeable change. Moto of ‘their darkness to light’ and the maxim of ‘field of one self’ are fundamental in our approach. We make sure that each child is carefully moulded to be the best. Our goal is to ensure that a sound foundation for success is firmly established!

    We motivate our children to grow up as honest, self-respecting and self-reliant human beings by inculcating in them a sense of responsibility and respect for others. We believe that synergy between academics and life skills, is essential for a child’s future.

    We seek your support and co-operation in our endevour to create ‘Foundation for Life’ and success forever!


    Mrs. Pooja Singh , Post Graduate, B.Ed., NTT

    Over 10 years’ experience in Pre Primary Education.

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